Multiway PLS on spectral data.


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How do I do batch wise unfolding in camo? how do I do multiway PLS ?


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    Camo offers an Unscrambler plug-in for analysis of batch data. If you want to do batch-wise PLS analysis, you first have to perform batch modelling using this plug-in to convert the data into relative time (to solve for the challenge of having batches with unequal batch length and different start and end points. More details here: ). After this you can arrange the data so each row corresponds to a single batch containing all variables per relative timepoint (your X for PLS) using the corresponding Python script available in Camo Community: . Get familiar with running Python scripts in Unscrambler with the beginner’s guide ( ) and videos ( ).

    You can find more information about how batch analysis performed in Unscrambler in the Help menu once the plug-in is installed: Help -> Contents -> Batch Modeling.

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